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The Accuracy International Warfare 50,or just the AW-50F, is a one hit kill, bolt action sniper rifle that is only purchasable with G1 Credits or getting a random G1 promo code (400 G1 credits must be used first).

Damage: 100%
Firing Speed: 0% (bolt action)
Accuracy: 100%
Recoil: 51%


The AW-50 is one of the most powerful rifles in the game. Capable of hitting at 99-100% damage, this rifle can also shoot through glass. It's accuracy is just as high as it's damage rating, with an astonishing 100%. Some players consider this gun as a "noob gun" due to its raw power and ease of use. Also, unlike its more powerful cousin, the Barrett M82 , you do not need to go prone in order to fire this weapon.

The accuracy is also not perfect, and bullet drop may be taken into account at longer distances. Some players choose the barrett over this gun due to greater damage against light vehicles.

This gun was very popular in CQC mode due to its one hit kill power, but due to a patch in early 2012, it is no longer allowed in CQC channel.

Later on, when Nexon started publishing the game, the AW50F made a comeback in the CQC channel.

Now It has its version. it has its blue pack and a rainbow pack