The Assault class is the most used class in the game and for good reason. They have access to the largest amount of weapons including assault rifles, a few machine guns, the Winchester, and grenades. They are the preferred class for Close Quarters Combat and Urban Ops.

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Use weapons like SCAR_L Camo to kill enemies using its scope from mid range

Tips Edit

Assault tend to use assault rifles in combat. they can be good for infantry channel

Trivia Edit

  • In warrock it has many type and character: Cain, Gina, Jade and Warrior class type it has higher defense
  • Good in mid-long range combat.
  • Choose the Assualt weapon wisely
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Characters Edit

  • Default
  • Warrior
  • Gina
  • Jade
  • Imari
  • Francesco
  • Anatol
  • Caine
  • John
  • Mustapha
  • Nari
  • Kim