The Barrett compared to the AW-50F

The Barrett M82, or just known as the Barrett .50 Cal (in real life), is a one hit kill semi-automatic sniper in warrock that is available only on certain sales. (Gun stats are shown at right).

Damage: 99-100% Firing Speed: 70%

Accuracy: 99-100% Recoil: 67%


The barrett is no joke of a sniper rifle. This thing is a powerhouse that can shoot through glass, similar to its weaker cousin, the AW-50f. It kills faster than the AW and does not allow players to tank a shot as easy. Its accuracy isn't a let-down either. In fact, it is slightly better than the AW-50's accuracy. The bullets also travel faster, so a player getting hit by the 50 cal isn't going to notice where the bullet came from. This is a great asset to many spawn killing campers who like to snipe at the enemy. Many players choose this gun over the AW-50 for all of these traits.

The barrett is somewhat of a portable Hamina Warship due to it's immense power. However, it may seem impossible, but it has flaws. The biggest flaw is that you do NOT have much ammo. A saddening 4 clips with 5 rounds each tends to run out of ammo fast, since the gun's firing speed is quite high. Another annoying trait is that you must be prone in order to fire this beast at someone. In other words, if a helicopter is coming at you, you would have to go prone, which takes a few seconds, scope down at the pilot, and start shooting. If the pilot is skilled, good luck killing him.

An even bigger issue is that the barrett's damage has been slightly nerfed, allowing players to tank a shot from the barrett. This is mostly a bug, however, and does not show up often.

The barrett was once allowed to shoot when standing, so it was used more than the AW-50 in CQC mode. However, when Chapter 2 of Warrock came out, the barrett could only be shot while prone, thus removing it from CQC mode.

However, chapter 2 gave a huge godsend to all the players in the world: 8th slot. The barrett was and currently is purchasable in a camoflauged version for 60 days at 400 G1 credits. This allowed players to not only have a barrett in the 8th slot, but an AW-50 in the 3rd slot, which is considered overpowered.

The Barrett, in my opinion, is the most powerful gun released so far, and the best gun Urban Ops and Battle Group.


  • The Barrett 8th slot was once removed due to a marketplace bug, but is now back at the same price of 400 G1 credits.