Hero Mode is a game mode at infantry.

Jake&crew-Captain Jake's Pirate Power Crew!01

Armor Bandana

About & How Edit

You need to kill the Enemy hero 3 times and use your abilities to attack and amplify your movement. you can use your ability for 10 seconds

Abilities Edit

  1. Hero- Invulnerability
  2. Engineer- Suicide Bomber
  3. Medic- Recover
  4. Sniper- Scouting- Trace
  5. Assault- Attack
  6. Heavy- Defend

Latest Abilities Edit

  1. Engineer- Reinforcement
  2. Assault- Case Fire

Hero mode now Edit

Hero mode in WarRock today where it functions in small- medium maps and rounds like a team deathmatch.

Arms Edit

  1. Primary- M249_Dual
  2. Secondary-Grenade_Bundle