"Built to wrest control of enemy airspace as well as destroy enemy ground support, the F-15 Eagle comes equipped with both anti-air and anti-ground weaponry and is suitable for handling both tasks on the same run. The pilot controls a seeker missile array supplemented with bombing ordnance."
— Vehicle description

The KF-15 is a fighter/bomber aircraft featured in WarRock.

KF-15 WarRock

Main weapon

Heat-seeking missiles

Main weapon ammo


Sub weapon

Unguided bombs

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The KF-15 is used by both Derbaran and NIU as their fighter/bomber aircraft. It is armed with anti-air heat-seeking missiles and unguided bombs while also also has a fast speed and good handling.

The KF-15's unguided bombs is not very effective against heavily armored vehicles, though it is highly effective against lightly armored vehicles, such as the Motorbike and the DPV. Its heat-seeking missiles is the same as the Rafale's heat-seeking missiles, but the KF-15's missiles has noticeably better homing than the Rafale although the KF-15 only carries 8 missiles.


Due to its role as a fighter/bomber, the KF-15 is best used for bombing groups of infantry and lightly armored vehicles, and hunting down enemy fighters and helicopters.

If you come across anti-air vehicles (the Chunma and the Gepard) and the Oerlikon, best to evade them because it requires two bombs to destroy them. However, if you are engaged by a SG, you can just bomb them because the SG will be destroyed with a single bomb.