Marien provided the NIU with the perfect location for hiding a cache of sensitive equipment, but it was too good to last; a local policeman broke down and informed the Derbaran Military of the stash. A small squad was immediately diverted to the location, and a small firefight is now under way. It was the most popular map in warrock.


Overview in Marien

Tips Edit

Use all the classes by advantage.

  • Engineer- use it by close combat with T-bomb, Grenade, shotgun etc.
  • Medic- used by the new players. and heals friends in danger.
  • Sniper- scout in the area west ward to the ladder or side at the exit. and 2-3 floor across NIU base.
  • Assault- useful in close combat. especially experts
  • Heavy trooper- usefull in close- mid combat same as the engineer.

Avoid Cheaters, Jumpers on the roof and under the ground just kill them first

Map Locations: Edit

  1. A-Bomb site
  2. B-Bomb site
  3. S- Sniper spot( Across NIU, Between Marien and R DERBARAN)
  4. R- Outer Right of the NIU base
  5. M- Marien Center

    Fight One on One at MARIEN!

Versions of Marien: Edit

  1. Xmarien(Christmas)
  2. Day 1(Partial Zombie Map)

At marien It was been popular at snowball fights.

Map Features Edit


  1. Has a christmas tree near bombsite A
  2. Has snow man in NIU S
  3. has some banners Merry christmas and a happy new year

    Christmas Official Weapon

Day 1 Edit

  1. The Fight is at partial a and m only.
  2. Has a plane crash above S and B
  3. the M on MARIEN was fell on the road
  4. zombies crawled all around the map


NIU and DERBARAN Arrived at Marien to Start a Firefight. the DERBARAN need to plant a bomb while the NIU protect the WarRock File.


Tell me the Weakness.

Map areas: Edit

  • A & B= Bomb site. the Crucial site of the NIU .where NIU passes to M and R to A
  • S= The Vantage point due to Sniper spot there to get a kill
  • R= long Passage. a rush point.
  • M= at MARIEN. Central Warfare Area

Tips and Tactics Edit

When the battle begins you can rush directly either to M and S. but if you attack at M the suited Classes were Assault, Medic and the Heavy Trooper. If S Sniper is the Most Useful. If someone Plants. Camp at the Bombsite. if you rush at the enemy camp. throw a grenade, use your primary weapon to finish the enemy off. Avoid Jumpers around R,B,M and Your Base.


Notice The Jumpers.