"This MASSIVE anti-materiel rifle is made in South Africa and fires huge 20MM bullets, wreaking havoc against light vehicles and parked aircraft up to 1500 meters away."
— Weapon description

A player with the NTW-20, and a mysterious rocket launcher...

The NTW-20 is a bolt-action anti-materiel rifle featured in WarRock.


The NTW-20 is added on December 2011 and is available to players at 499 G1 Credits.

The NTW-20 is, perhaps, the only sniper rifle in WarRock that fires exploding rounds with 2 meters blast radius and can damage heavy vehicles, while still able to penetrate bulletproof glass on many vehicles' cockpit. Also, it, perhaps, is the only weapon in WarRock that can do collateral damage, while it also has a very long range and very fast bullet speed.

The NTW-20 has an 88% accuracy rating. Some players use the splash damage to help ensure kills when sniping.

Unfortunately, the NTW-20 is very heavy. In Korean WarRock, it must be fired when prone; same with the Barrett, and the user also cannot move while prone with this gun. This does not apply to the NTW-20 in International WarRock.

The biggest and final issue is that the user must zoom out of the scope just to pull back the bolt. It is a bolt action sniper rifle after all, despite all other snipers not needed to do this. This is mainly due to the NTW-20's extreme recoil, the highest in the game. This makes snipers lose their targets much faster, and becomes an annoyance unless the sniper is used to having issues like this.

Also, unlike the Barrett or the AW-50F, the NTW-20 only comes with 3 rounds per magazine, with 3 magazines in reserve. But this isn't a major issue, as it has plenty of enough ammo to kill at least a couple people with.


  • The NTW-20 is the only sniper rifle in the game that can damage tanks.
  • The NTW-20 is the only one-hit-kill sniper rifle that can be placed in the 5th slot and shoot through glass.
  • Currently, this gun is on sale in a bundle at 199 G1 credits at the marketplace. It contains a free 30 day extra sniper clip PX item, which makes it the better choice rather than buying the gun itself.


Korean WarRock - NTW 20

Korean WarRock - NTW 20

The review + gameplay video of the NTW-20 in Korean WarRock.