The PSG-1 is a widely known, high performance, '''''semi-automatic sniper rifle. It is very reliable and also has high accuracy, even at long distances.

- Item Shop Description

Weapon PSG-1

PSG-1 in the old Warrock. Notice it's price tag

The PSG-1 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is available only to premium users at level 11. It costs around 10000 dinar or 399 G1 Credits to buy this weapon.


The PSG was originally designed to be a weapon that would be a one hit kill weapon to the head or heart.

The damage and firing speed is all the PSG-1 has, as it goes downhill from here. It's accuracy is at an astonishing 92%. but NEVER trust the item shop's description. The gun seems to have less accuracy than the AUG at some distances, which makes it unpopular in CQC mode. Many players choose th AI-AW or even the SSG for long range killing.

The ammo loadout is not that great either. Unless you are planning to hit F4(suicide button) multiple times just to start off with fresh ammo, you will have to constantly get out of your little nest and find an ammo station. This isn't available to CQC's 4v4 deathmatch mode. Couple this with it's high fire rate, and you have an ammo burning gun in your hands. Most experienced snipers prefer the M24 due to it's bolt action slowing the fire rate by alot. It also has the one hit kill to the head, and isn't nearly as weak as many player believe.

However, it does come with a few nice benefits. One is that the PSG is very noob friendly, and can make an inexperienced sniper become good at sniping due to it being able to kill in both the head and heart (in one shot). It also reloads quite fast, so if someone needed to reload when the five rounds are out, its done in less than 5 seconds usually. It's sway is actually a benefit in some cases due to enemies strafing around to avoid you shots.

The PSG-1 certainly isn't the best sniper rifle, but it is beyond decent in performance.


  1. A special A.I channel version of the PSG-1 is available to free players and is much cheaper than the original. It comes with 20 rounds instead of five and has 100% damage. It's accuracy is slightly lower, and it's recoil has become almost as high as an M60's.