"The Rafale is primarily an air-to-air combat fighter, equipped with a 30mm GIAT cannon as well as an anti-air seeker missile array. It is a delta-wing fighter with twin engines, providing it with great aerial maneuverability."
— Vehicle description

The Rafale is a fighter aircraft featured in WarRock.

Rafale WarRock

Main weapon

Automatic cannon

Main weapon ammo


Sub weapon

Heat-seeking missiles

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The Rafale is used by both Derbaran and NIU as their fighter aircraft. It is armed with an automatic cannon and heat-seeking missiles.

The Rafale's automatic cannon are effective against aircrafts, helicopters and lightly armored vehicles, while not much effective against heavily armored vehicles, such as tanks. It is also armed with heat-seeking missiles that performs well against other aircrafts and helicopters.


It is best to use the Rafale for hunting down enemy fighters and helicopters. You can use both the automatic cannon and heat-seeking missiles to quicken the destruction of the vehicle.

If you come across anti-air vehicles (the Chunma and the Gepard) and anti-air emplacements (the Oerlikon and the SG), you can just simply use your automatic cannon against them, but it is best that you approach the enemy either from a distance or right above it, as the Oerlikon are highly effective against aircrafts and helicopters.

It is not recommended to use the Rafale against armored land vehicles, due to the fact that the Rafale's automatic cannon was weak against armored vehicles and its role as a fighter aircraft that specializes itself in hunting down enemy aircrafts and helicopters.