The Sniper class is good in long range can kill enemys in one shot using sniper rifles. and it can launch airstrikes using binoculars  



Roles  Edit

  1. Inform people when and where armored vehicles are coming.
  2. Kill important people like a Hamina pilot. 
  3. can be seen hidden at the rocks, and long range tops to see and kill them

New Sniper Costume: Grhillie, Sniper, Quartz

 Tactics  Edit

  1. Stay close to a friend, so that if a vehicle or enemy comes close your ally will handle it. Also, if working in a sniper team an ally will inform you if an armored vehicle is coming so that you may take cover. 
  2. use your secondary weapon like a Micro_Uzi, MP5K to kill the enemy in combat 

Weakness Edit

  • Can't fight in the Close range for long
  • Hard aiming
  • Close range

notes  Edit

  1. Their default weapon is the M24 sniper rifle

Characters Edit

  • Ghrillie
  • Default
  • Veronica
  • Quartz
  • Kwame
  • Lean