There are five service branches, or infantry classes, in WarRock. Each has different set of equipments, as well as roles. All are, however, the same in a way, like as in health and stamina. all have the different costumes that increases the Stamina and Defense



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The Medic branch are used on healing infantry with her Medic Kits, which heals about 30% health in one use. Because she is only armed with an MP5 submachine gun, she can only defend herself well in short range combat. it was useful to starters. Its sprite was a cross


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The Sniper branch are the best in long range combat with their sniper rifles that are effective against infantry in a distance. They are also equipped with grenades like the Assault branch, but they lack the ability to defend themselves in close range. Useful for Good marksman. Its sprite was a Scope. 


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The Assault branch are the best all-round branch with their assault rifles and grenades. They are effective in almost all aspects of combat especially experts. Its sprite was a gun's bullet

Heavy TrooperEdit

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The Heavy Trooper (also called as Heavy) branch are suitable in vehicular warfare come to play as they are the only class able to use, as their name suggests, heavy weapons such as rocket launchers, TMA-1A anti-tank mines and grenade launchers to overcome vehicle threats. They are, however, lacks the ability to defend themselves. Its sprite was a missle


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The Engineer branch are similar to the Medic branch, except that they are used to maintaining vehicles in working order by using their default Spanner or the more advanced Pipe Wrench. Like the Medic branch however, he is armed with an MP5 submachine gun that makes him can only defend himself well in short range combat. The Engineer branch are useless in CQC maps, as there are no vehicles available. However, with the Pipe Wrench, the Engineer can defuse bombs in Demolition games faster, and can also use Ammo Boxes to replenish their teammates' ammunition. Its Sprite was a spanner

Tips Edit

  1. Choose and use the units very wisely.
  2. Puts some attachmets on the chracter to add defense.
  3. Unit use
  • Engineer: Good in AI, Battle group, Close combat
  • Medic: Good in Close- Mid Combat, Battle Group
  • Sniper: Long Range, Battle Group
  • Assualt: All aspects
  • Heavy trooper: Mid, Battle group

Costumes Edit

Those are the Characters which it will buy at the item shop.

  1. Engineer- Hana, Breacher
  2. Medic- Franz, Surgeon W37, W37_bikini, W37_santa
  3. Sniper- Veronica, Botu, Ghrilee
  4. Assualt- Jade, Warrior
  5. Heavy trooper- Dessert ops, Dessert ops_Rudolf