Try not to damage you vehicle.

As stated in another article, Vehicles are basic transportation around the map especially in vehicular warfare. They are classified into several Catagories.

Types of Vehicles == Soft-skin vehicles: (Humvee series, CR125 Dirtbike, Dune-buggy (Certain maps only), the Covered truck and K200.) The perpose of soft-skins in War Rock is simply to get around the map quickly. While some carry armarment, it is best to avoid enemy confrontation due to the lack of armour.

Tanks and AFVs: (Leopard, K1A1, Leclerc, Luchs, and Wiesel) Tanks are one of the more prefered vehicles in use during BG or Urban Ops matches, due to their heavy armarment and high durability. But suffer the weakness of being vunerable to airstrikes and the mines of Heavy Troopers.

Mobile AA weapons: ( Chunma and Glepard) These are your primary vehicluar defence against air threats. What they lack in armour, they make up for by their abilities to wreak havoc on enemy air forces. (Shift key in Chunma to lock onto Aircraft)

Helicopters: (Blackhawk, Apache, Chinook, Hind, MD500.) Helicopters allow for faster transport than Soft-skins, but at the price of both control and durability. For newer players, the Mouse-based control scheme may be akward and lead to poor results. Helicopters worst nightmare is to encounter enemy jets, especially that armed with the heat-seeking missile like the Rafale and the KF-15 They are also vunerable to AA weapons

Jets: (A-10, F-15, Rafale.) The Jet is the fastest vehicle in the game as of now, and their speed allow them to perform great hit-and-runs. The only problems is maintaining accuracy when attacking ground threats and it's complete lack of durability. EXTREMELY vunerable to Stingers and Chunmas at low altitude.

Watercraft: (Mk. V, LSSC, Hamina-Class destroyer) From my experience, watercraft is one of the more underused vehicles due to their restriction to attacking coastlines and waterways, aswell as their vunerability to attack from land. On the flip side, the Ultimate vehicle in War Rock, The Hamina, is pretty difficult a foe, since it can destroy targets on land, sea, and air.

Tips Edit

  • Drive the Vehicles navigate around especially in big wide maps.
  • Create massive damage by attacking infantry
  • There are Specific achievements for Vehicles
  • Only Vehicular Warfare enables