In some Urban Ops and Battle Group maps, there are vehicles available for use. Vehicles allows faster movement from place to place or to provide massive firepower. All branches can use any kind of vehicles. Take note that all vehicles have health and their ammunition for their weapons are limited, so they should be repaired and resupplied with ammo, or else they would be vulnerable and explode.

Land VehiclesEdit

Land Vehicles can be fight on land but in Water it can damage and can be cause to death by explosion.

  • Motorcycle
  • Covered Truck
  • Humvee (.50 cal / TOW / Avenger)
  • Chunma
  • Gepard
  • Luchs
  • Wiesel
  • K200
  • K1A1
  • Leopard
  • Leclerc
  • Merkava Mk. 4

Sea VehiclesEdit

Naval Ships that can be seen a maps like Paroho, Disturm, Cantumira


Can be seen in maps like Counturas, Engrene, Crater


Aircraft that can be seen in Maps like Crater, Engrene, Pargona