War Rock (Korean: 워록) (also commonly spelled as WarRock) is a multiplayer first-person shooter made by the South Korean company, Dream Execution. The game is distributed as a free-to-play, a common form of freeware EULA and available through online downloading. Outside of the Far East, the game is hosted by K2 Network, who service the game for both Europe and North America. K2 Network also supports community input, as it has a community account known as GamersFirst for online transactions.

Though the game can be downloaded free of charge, War Rock requires online registration. The retail version came with additional features.

Story Edit

In a fictional Republic of Derbaran a nuclear project that launched 30 days from now. But the National Independence Union Began a Full scale warfare to Protect the WarRock. A meteor, a file. many maps in the World turned now as BattleFields. Now Each team fought as armies which to fight

Teams Edit

  1. Black Camo( Neutral teams)= Used in Free For All mode
  2. Derbaran- (Government Soldiers)
  3. National Independence Union-(Rebel Soldiers)

Game Types Edit

  1. Deathmatch- Where all players need to complete all frags to win
  2. Explosives- N.I.U need to disable the bomb before the Derbaran destroys it.
  3. Free-for-All- a classic deathmatch
  4. Capture the Flag-Team Deathmatch by caturing most flags and frags to win
  5. Capture Mode- Where two teams needs to capture a neutral point and take it to their base.
  6. Zombie Mode- Humans can play cooperatively(AI Channel) or Competitively