Weapon slot can be seen at the branch menu.

Slot type Edit

  1. Melee= used for close combat notable weapons were Knuckles and Knife. now Known as 1st slot
  2. Sidearms= emergency close to mid range combat. majority were Pistols, Throwing Knives and SubMachinePistols
  3. Primary weapons- Major setup for each unit. has heavy firearms like Rifles, SMG, Sniper rifles, RPGS, known as 3rd slot
  4. Equipment-Grenades, mines, Spanners and Medikits. use to attack or heal. known as 4th slot
  5. Secondary Primary Weapons- an arsenal carried like 3rd slot but it can carry shotgun, heavy weaponry, Smoke bombs, Flashbangs. known as 5th slot
  6. Secondary Equipment- Flash mines, Claymore, HP kits and Stamina kept there. Known as Support items
  7. Heavy Weaponry- Gold Items, Machine Guns can be carried like M1616. known as 8th slot.