This is the list of all weapons currently featured in WarRock, based on the class that can use them.

Weapon Achievements Edit

Most weapons cannot be received via Achievement. You have to purchase them using real cash or by grinding for dinars or crafting items. its crazy stuff.

Branch-specific weaponsEdit


  • K2 (Default)
  • AK-47 - this used to do about 26 damage on the hands and feet and was the strongest weapon aside from the rocket launchers in the early versions. It has high vertical recoil but because it is actually slow firing enough can be decently used at medium to long ranges. The regular version lacks a scope. Other AK versions have scopes and some come suppressed. Most AK versions except from the 8th slot version can be equipped in the 3rd and 5th slot. The urban ak 47 might actually be the most accurate ak 47 available although they seem to be only available through mystery boxes.
  • M4A1 - This gun behaves like a slightly better k2. There are plenty of versions for the m4a1 but with a few scoped versions like the m4a1 desert which has a clean red dot sight scope and suppressed sound.
  • M16A4 - This gun behaves like slower firing m4a1 with a higher vertical recoil. Most versions are scoped with a simple dot scope and makes this gun ideal with in 50 meters. The higher vertical recoil makes this gun not that great in longer ranges.
  • G36 - This gun has a high vertical recoil, fast rate of fire, good damage, light enough to move around with comfortably and a scope. It is because of the high vertical recoil that this gun should minimize shooting at enemies farther than 50 meters as accuracy becomes awful the further you shoot. Recoil recovery with this gun is awful which makes tighter long range bursts highly unlikely.
  • FAMAS - This gun has decent damage and a very fast rate of fire. Earlier versions have a high vertical recoil but recent patches seem to make the famas a little more viable within 50 meters. This used to be complained of by international players as a pay to win gun and in some respects it still is between players shooting at each other in the open but most of the time a non-factor in games outside of explosives mode.
  • L85A1 - This gun is actually accurate as long as you control your bursts of fire. The scope is terrible though as it obstructs the view of the target at long range where this gun is meant to shine. If only it had a dot sight this gun might actually beat the xm8 at long range. The shot grouping is really tight and there is very little vertical recoil. It shoots slow though further emphasizing that this gun is perfect for longer ranges (60 meters or more). As of December 2017 the christmas version of the l85a1 shows a lot more vertical recoil than the regular one.
  • M249 - 50 rounds per belt, having 2 additional belts (150 rounds with out an extra clip, 200 rounds with an extra clip), doing decent damage, decent enough vertical recoil and decent firing speed and light enough, this machine gun is the safer choice for wanna-be machine gunners who tend to do the run and gun style. it is a shame you need to buy the 5th slot for it though.
  • M60- 100 rounds per belt, having an additional belt, decent damage, high vertical recoil, a little heavy to move around with and slow firing speed makes this machine gun ideally a long range machine gun but since it lacks a scope it becomes a medium ranged support weapon that is meant for spraying down a smaller area than most other machine guns. There is a gold version that can be equipped in the 3rd slot but needs a 5th slot to purchase (with that it is possible to have 3 m60s in an assault by equipping the gold m60 in the 3rd slot, regular m60 in the 5th the gold m60 8th slot for the 8th slot).
  • Degtyaryov - So far this heavy, somewhat inadequate ammo count, inaccurate, high damage dealing, slow firing, somewhat unique sounding machine gun is the only machine gun that can be equipped without a 5th slot. It is expensive though and the number of bullets are not satisfying enough to justify the price nevertheless it is pretty good for hosing down corridors against slow moving enemies.
  • TAR-21 - This is a terrible gun that is only good for close range. It has very high vertical recoil. While it has a working scope the erratic recoil is visually emphasized while using the scope (especially noticeable with all that shaking of the crosshair from the recoil). It is a shame though as the tar-21 has a very clean red dot sight.
  • Galil - As far as warrock ph is concerned the only way to get this is by getting it as a level up reward. It performs just like the ak74su in most respects.
  • SG550 - This is a terrible weapon that performs worse than the k2. Only use this to grind for the achievement which nets you 5000 exp.
  • HK416- Actually decent at close range but is a little inaccurate at long range. The lack of a scope hurts this weapon.
  • XM8 - Perhaps the best assault rifle in the game. All of its versions are really good with the xm8 lightning being the worst because the lightning shots tend to obscure the target but other than that they are all good.
  • f-2000 - While seemingly as good as the xm8 it has a lot of vertical recoil which makes it not too good for sustained firing. The f-2000 phantom is pretty good for long range though for some reason. Most f-2000 can be received only through random boxes or events.
  • FN-SCAR - There are 2 versions (SCAR H and SCAR L, the SCAR H damages more and most versions have a scope which makes it superior). Very expensive if brought by dinars in the recent version. The Scar H blood has the cleanest scope among other SCAR rifles with a decent red dot sight and a not too big of a portruding scope.


  • M24 (default) - The standard. It does 3 shot kills to the arms and feet, 2 shot kills to the other body parts and 1 headshot kills. It is actually pretty accurate from long range as the bullet drop is predictable enough once you get used to the sniping spots in each map.
  • SSG - It is pretty similar to the m24 but with a little less accuracy and double the ammo per magazine. Not really very good for fast moving targets at ranges above 100m unless you time and lead your aim right.
  • PSG-1 - the PH version is actually pretty accurate compared to other warrock versions. All types of PSG-1s have 1 shot chest kill capability* and are the 3rd fastest sniper primary weapon (losing to the AUG and the VSS).
  • AW50F - like the m82 but faster firing and has less settle time. Actually not that accurate against infantry except for the aw50f rainbow. It however benefits greatly from shooting at passengers through the windows of vehicles as the majority of the body of the target is likely to be 1 shot kill hit boxes (the chest and the head). The aw50f rainbow is perhaps the most overpowered weapon in the game and is highly sought by most players and is the most annoying weapon in the game along with the web greanade.
  • AI-AW - AWM. While it has one of the tightest accuracy at long range and only losing to the aw50f rainbow it has a significant bullet drop that is unique to it so if you are used the m24, m21 and the SSG, you really need to learn the pattern for the bullet drop of the AWM. The scope is as clean as the m24, m21 and the SSG. It fires slower than the m24 though so it is not recommended against fast moving targets unless you can get a shot kill which requires plenty of luck.
  • Dragunov- A decent sniper rifle. In Warrock it has a PSO-1 scope (that weird looking inverted v crosshair) that is troublesome if you are used to the regular scopes for sniper rifles but can actually be a good way to judge distance from the target by comparing the size of the target with the boxes in the scope. This nifty feature does not really help as this gun is not that accurate compared to most sniper rifles and most players would be running around anyway so zeroing in at long range tends to be difficult..
  • AUG - Not really a sniper rifle but an assault rifle for the sniper class. Decent accuracy but the lack of crosshairs while not activating the zoom function really hurts it's utility but if you get used to it, it is quite fine.
  • Barrett m82 - has very good 1 shot kill capability but has problems with recoil settle time. It can only be used while prone/sprawled/lying down. It can shoot through glass and damage vehicles, although the damage to heavy armored vehicles like tanks is laughably low. Before it used to be able to shoot through vehicles and kill passengers inside but not anymore.
  • M95 - like the m82 but some versions can be used on the 3rd slot which is pretty nice. Unlike the barret you do not need to be prone to use it and kneeling would be sufficient.
  • NTW-20 - a monstrous looking and very heavy anti-materiel rifle that can only be shot if proned. It has terrible settle time so taking quick successive shots is difficult but (at least used to) have a splash radius in where even if you miss, if the enemy is a few meters (about 2 meters as per test with vehicles) near where the shot lands it can result to a kill. Like the m82 and m95 it can pierce glass and can do damage to vehicles with the NTW-20 doing the most damage. It has very limited ammunition (12 only, a maximum 15 with an extra clip 2 item).
  • AR-7 - a weak single scoped medium range sniper rifle with a huge ammo capacity 15 per mag. It takes 2 shots to the head to kill and 4 shots to the rest of the body except the chest which takes only 3.
  • WA-2000 - a fast firing, somewhat inaccurate sniper rifle with 1 shot kill abilities and a 6 round magazine. It is expensive for what it does. It might possibly be faster firing than the PSG-1 but it is inaccurate enough that this is likely a insignificant advantage,.
  • VSS - The 2nd fastest sniper rifle. While you might be tempted to say it is an assault rifle because it fires pretty fast, controlled 1 shot accuracy puts it at a somewhat similar position as an SSG. The trick is controlling the shots at long range. At short range you are likely to win if you get the first 3 shots in your opponent almost every time. It used to do 1 head shot kills before but recent patches makes this happen less.
  • Tokarev SVT40 - the svt40 is a somewhat decent inaccurate sniper rifle. It misses a lot if you are not playing kamikaze mode (as that version of the SVT40 is pretty accurate, a guaranteed* 1 shot kill and almost like the rainbow aw50f)
  • M21 - the m21 is a very good and affordable sniper weapon. It has somewhat similar stats to the m24 and ssg except it shoots faster and has very good recoil recovery and somewhat nearly insignificant inaccuracy at range. This is a very common sniper rifle in bighead mode because it shoots fast and is accurate enough to do the job, not to mention insanely cheap to buy through dinars.

Heavy TrooperEdit

  • Panzerfaust - has a predictable rocket trajectory which makes this weapon quite accurate if you can judge distances correctly.
  • Stinger - can lock on aircraft and takes them out in 3 shots (2 shots for the md500). The winter version can take out aircraft in 2 hits. Despite appearing to explode there does not seem to be splash damage so direct hits at infantry are recommended if you feel like shooting foot soldiers with the stinger although shooting near vehicles in training mode seem to indicate there might actually be splash damage.
  • RPG-7 - like all rocket or grenade based weapons there is a predictable trajectory your projectile follows so it can be used to snipe from long range if you can judge the distance correctly. However like all rocket weaponry the smoke trail gives away your position and enemies facing your direction has a very good chance of just moving away.
  • HK69 - a 1 hit kill weapon proving you get the enemy in the correct splash radius. Oddly enough, direct hits do about 70 to 80% damage. In AI mode direct hits would kill the zombie hit only.
  • M134 - You imagine it to be 200 rounds of meat mulching fury? Only if it has sufficiently spun enough (warming it up in some players lingo). This is a very good weapon if only it does not weigh so much and have that monstrous recoil. It can damage vehicles quite a bit but is so laughably weak against tanks. With a little bit of luck and a lot of leading your aim you can even take down planes but that is extemely rare.
  • MK1S - This grenade launcher cannot be reloaded. It cannot be used outside vehicle maps. It has 6 grenades that fly far further and so much faster than thrown grenades (duh). Unlike the QLB it leaves no smoke trails so it is pretty much very difficult to detect. It used to do 1 splash kills but recent patches seem to decrease the likelihood of this happening because of decreased splash radius and even damage.
  • FGM-172 Predator
  • MG3 - the regular version has 50 rounds while the box version has 100 rounds. The regular version has 4 magazines total while the box version has 2 magazines total. This machine gun is not that accurate but its insane firing rate makes it a better than the m134. It cannot seem to damage vehicles tougher than a humvee though. And oh, the weight is quite heavy even if you are using the regular version. The box version is superior because of the lesser need to reload,
  • M202A1 FLASH - supposedly in real life this is used to deliver incendiaries like a flame thrower, in warrock it is a fairly decent heavy trooper weapon because of it's fast firing speed (it does not set characters or buildings on fire though). However because of the smoke trails from this weapon along with the fast firing speed you will lose your target if they move a lot. All in all can be pretty good if fired from a high elevation at masses of infantry which only ever happens against ignorant enemies. It is not that good against vehicles but can still do the job after several hits in. Has a 4/1 ammo count which means it has 8 shots in total..
  • Heavy Ammo Boxes
  • TMA-1 - the heavy trooper's anti vehicle mines. It cannot be triggered by a character. It takes 3 mines to take out a tank, usually. Unlike before it cannot be reloaded in supply stations.
  • Nickel M249 (8th slot only) - it is pretty similar to the assault's m249 except for the 8th slot only. One of the better anti-infantry weapon of the heavy trooper class.
  • Carl Gustav - a powerful anti-vehicle weapon with excellent anti-infantry utility. The trajectory is flatter than the most of the rocket and grenade based weapons so this is pretty much the most versatile weapon of the heavy trooper as it can be used for sniping reasonably well. It can do 1 shot kills with ease and the splash damage and radius is quite excellent as well which is why it is excellent for anti-infantry use..

Engineer / MedicEdit

  • MP5 (default) - actually has a suppressed sound which makes it quite good to listen to while shooting it full auto. it does about 20.5 damage to the chest and has a very good recoil recovery. while it suffers a lot from bullet drop like most submachineguns it has tight accuracy that a well directed burst can kill consistently even from ranges 50m to 120m (from NIU alberon to Derbaran mountain alberon)
  • K1 - the k1 is a common sight in the game as it is fast, has good damage and decent recoil. it suffers a lot from bullet drop issues at long range. It has many variations with scopes and those are the ones you would want to get.
  • P90 - an awful gun with a terrible accuracy, high recoil, terrible bullet drop with low damage but a large ammo capacity. Just spray at the general direction of the enemy.
  • Uzi - a very good gun actually. the slow rate of fire and very good damage is actually the reason why it is even effective at medium range (50m to 70m). At one point it even has a 24 damage to the chest which is 1 point shy of the ak47! The uzi is a bit tricky because it seems to appear at first to have terrible recoil but the gun actually stops climbing after a while and the bullet pattern becomes predictable. If it has a scope it is easily the best weapon for the long ranged medic.
  • MP7A1 - quite a good gun for the engineer and the medic. Shoots fast, hits hard enough and very light enough to do run and gun very well. Oddly enough it does not seem to have that high of a recoil.
  • Mp7A1_TC - can only be crafted. There are two versions and they are despite having more ammo than the regular mp7 a downgrade as the large size of the weapon blocks a sizeable part of your screen. The high recoil is easily noticeable with a scope and for some reason while zoomed in the gun shoots slower.
  • Cx4 Storm - a somewhat weak automatic carbine that is not too accurate at long range but has a dot sight that can be used to guide the spray of bullets you'll be aiming at your enemy. There are many versions to this even an 8th slot version. The only thing that does not make this gun one of the more popular choices is the slow rate of fire.
  • UMP45- a long time ago the scope was not functional and was merely a cool looking design. Now it has a functioning and unique scope, but It still suffers from terrible recoil and slow rate of fire though, so make those shots count with your scope.
  • Bizon - a terrible gun with a very large ammo capacity of 64. Spray and pray with long bursts of 20 shots or so.
  • TMP9 - actually very good gun with great control and decent damage. Like the uzi it hits hard (not as hard as the uzi though) but is so much faster. There is a version with a scope and it works gloriously even at ranges up to 70 meters.
  • PP2000 - an awful gun because of the high recoil and bullet drop but with a large ammo capacity. You just spray it and make sure your crosshairs are aligned at the enemy and hope you get lucky and hit enough to kill. It is probably meant for ranges well under 40 meters.
  • claymore (engineer only) - a explosive with laser sensors that the enemy has to hit with any part of their body before they explode. Because it can actually be seen by the enemy they normally avoid it or shoot it from afar to make it explode. Can only normally be brought by wrcash.
  • c4 (engineer only) - remote controlled c4 satchel. Can do 1 hit kills if enemy is near enough.

Multiple branch weaponsEdit

  • G36C- E,M,A - actually does the same chest shot damage as the mp5 which is laughable for an assault rifle. It has higher recoil than the mp5 and does not shoot as fast. While the bullet drop is not as bad as submachineguns it does not help that much in long range kills as the recoil makes it hard to get tight hits at far away enemies.
  • G36C_D-E,M,A - the same as the g36c except it has 70 more bullets (100 per magazine). It is because of it's large capacity that it is so much better than the g36c.
  • AKS-74U-E,M,A - pretty good assault rifle as it can be used by 3 classes. While not accurate it does very good damage as a medic or engineer weapon and is excellent for spraying down enemies.
  • Winchester-E,M,A - it shoots 7 pellets (used to be 8) that does good damage each. 2 pellets to the head used to be enough to ensure a kill before. Lucky shots from long range with this gun is still possible but is very unlikely.
  • M4 Super 90 - the lightning version is often a 1 hit kill and does not behave like a shotgun but a semi auto rifle. At one point it was used by cyber criminals in older varieties of hacks in warrockph. Currently it seems it is not possible to get this weapon unless hacks are used or if it is not given via event.
  • Web grenade- E,H,S - the one item that tends to turn CQC into a grenade fest of idiotic proportions as games are decided which side has more web grenades. A web grenade is a likely 1 hit splash weapon with an absurd splash radius so escaping it is unlikely if one is thrown your way. It can be thrown farther than the regular grenades which makes it even more annoying. A grazing hit would severely damage any that is very lucky not to outright die. This is often available only by buying it through wrcash.


  • Colt (default) - actually decently accurate up to 40 meters or so and provides good damage. It shoots a little slow though so it loses to faster firing weapons most of the time. This should have 7 rounds but in game it has 12 rounds for balancing purposes.
  • Desert Eagle - quite accurate enough to be used for medium range shooting. It just received a damage buff in the more recent patches and can actually kill in 3 shots now.
  • Magnum - this is a slow firing 6 round revolver with terrible recoil and horrible accuracy. In short, it sucks.
  • Glock - a fast firing pistol which can alternate between automatic fire and semi-auto. It has a 17 round magazine and 4 extra magazines for a total of 102 bullets. It is not accurate but is intended for spraying at the enemy. It is no longer as common as it used to as the mp5k and the FMG has overtaken it in popularity.
  • FMG9 - In real life it is a semi-automatic carbine but in warrock it fires full auto. It has a 17 round magazine while in real life it is supposed to have a 33 round magazine. There are scoped versions like the desert FMG and blood FMG that slightly increase the chance that a player can guide more shots to hit enemies from far away.
  • Dual Beretta
  • Beretta M93R
  • M500- Achievable only and for a very limited time. It is occasionally made available through events particularly Christmas where the candy cane version is usually included. It can do 1 headshot kills but its slow rate of fire and terrible recoil and bullet drop make this unlikely.
  • MP5k - It looks just like the regular mp5 but with a foregrip. It is slightly weaker than the mp5 and has 20 rounds and is not that accurate. There are many variants of this sidearm but none so far has a scope attached except the red version.
  • Dual Veresk - This is an overpowered weapon that does very good damage boasts 2 guns firing simultaneously with the recoil and accuracy of a singe gun. Like the dual ak 47 this is one of the most accused of pay to win guns in the game and it sort of is in personal weapon mode.
  • Veresk -


  • Knuckle (default)
  • M7 - Kills as quickly as the knuckles with added range.
  • Combat Knife - Actually faster than the m7. A good buy.
  • Katana - Slices quickly and has good range for a melee weapon. It should have more range if the character holds it like a regular person instead of that awkward position.
  • Shovel - Hits hard and is the 2nd best weapon in the game. It looks awkward though especially the plastic shovel.
  • Claw Knife - A somewhat rare melee weapon that looks nasty but is not very good as it is slow. It has a long range though and if timed well enough can be very good at melee mode
  • Kriss - Horrible weapon with short range. Fast though.
  • Double Kriss - a very rare melee weapon often acquired through AI mode and events. The best melee weapon in the game and is needless to say overpowered in melee mode against fellow infantry as 1 click results to two quick stabs of a kriss. It is so quick that only 2 clicks are enough to kill.
  • Broken revolver - looks unimpressive at first but actually hits for a lot of damage but suffers from lower range than most melee weapons including the fist.
  • Torch - Olympic themed melee weapon. Has a unique sound.
  • Bell - A christmas themed melee weapon. Hits hard and hits fast.
  • Chainsaw - A strong weapon that is heavy and the right click function hits slowly. Holding left click does a quick and constant short range attack.

Weapons Version Edit

  • Gold: MP5K, RPG_7, D_Scorpion, M4A1, K1,
  • Christmas: MP5K, PSG, M500 revolver, Msuper90, VSS
  • Valentines or Pink: K1, Vector, RPG_7, AI_Awm, AK47, M72LAW, VSS
  • Urban- K1, AK-47
  • Desert-FMG9, AWM50F,
  • Blood-Scar_H, FMG9, K1
  • AQUA:mp5k,f2000,vss(3th),m134,vector

*Guaranteed provided the opponent does not lag or has damage negation buffs from characters or character accessories.